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Monday, January 28, 2008

Freelance Writing For A Living: Part 1

January 28, 2008
One of you (Aimless) asked that I write about becoming a freelance writer. Well, be careful what you wish for, I suppose. I'm starting a series of blog posts on that subject. I'll try to keep them short and focused, because it's a subject I can write on and on and on about. If you have specific questions, ask them, I'll try to answer. If you're an experienced freelancer and you have something to add or disagree with me, please put your 2 cents in.
I've been a full-time freelance writer for about 3-1/2 years. My first paid publication was in 1993 (it was a whopping $50), and I probably could have done this much earlier if I hadn't spent all my time and energy on fiction writing. Now I'm making a LOT more than I did working for Henry Ford Hospital and I love it.

So, Part 1: What do you write?
I'm always discovering new ways of making money writing. But here are some of them.

My writer friend Eric Mayer once said to me, "Magazine writing is brutal."

What he meant was, in terms of making a living, it's hard to do. The pay is all over the board, the work tends to be irregular and unpredictable. That said, I've done a fair amount of it and I find it to be some of the more satisfying writing I do. I do less of it now, but I keep my hand in because you never know when one type of writing will dry up on you.

There are 2 broad types of magazines, consumer and trade. Consumer are the ones you see at the grocery and drug store--Redbook, Cosmo, Time, Newsweek, Guitar World, etc. Trade journals are aimed at specific professional readers--Podiatry Management, which I write for, for podiatrists; Medical Economics, for physicians; Gravel Quarry, or some such thing, aimed at people in the gravel industry. Or, frankly, name an industry, they probably have a magazine aimed at their readers: nursing, medical technologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business people, minority business people, retail managers, pizza store owners, food distributors, network administrators, funeral home directors.

I've done a little bit of consumer mag writing. Here's my gut reaction to it: it's hard to break into and unless you're lucky and break into the top ones, the pay is fairly mediocre. I've written a lot for trade publications (as well as websites) and the pay is better, sometimes excellent and they're a lot easier to break into than consumer magazines. Any writer thinks they can write: "11 Ways To Make Improve Your Love Life" for Cosmo, and if they do it successfully, they'll get paid a bundle. But the competition is fierce. Now, can you write, "7 Ways To Increase Your Podiatric Practice's Profits"? Because if you can, or are willing to figure out how--and apply that "7 Ways..." sort of article to different fields, then you're going to break into trade publications.

Ack! That's sort of how I feel about writing for newspapers. I had a nice relationship with The Oakland Press here in Michigan. I wrote very regular book reviews for $75 a pop and the occasional feature, typically about medicine, although I wrote one for the food section. They paid me $150 per piece. Then a new editor-in-chief came in, fired damn near everybody on staff including the editor I worked with, essentially eliminated the book page and cut back on features. I also hear they cut the freelancer rate in half, but I don't know because they were already my worst-paying client. I didn't stick around and find out. I did the book reviewing for the free books and because I was getting paid to read books I was going to read anyway, and I did the features when they were easy to do. I also really liked the editor, which sometimes can make up for a lot of deficiencies. Newspapers are cutting back on everything--staff, pay, etc. That probably means that there will be more openings for freelancers, but the pay will get even worse. The pay sucks now. But it's always an option, particularly if you're trying to break in and get clips for your portfolio.

Corporate writing
Big corporations crank out a lot of paper. They write press releases, internal technical manuals, external technical manuals, advertising copy, annual reports, etc. Unlike magazines which typically pay per word, they generally pay per hour or per project. I did some work for the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit when I first started out. I charged $40 an hour (a low rate, actually, but I needed the work). The communications department wanted the majority of the center's specialists to be part of an upcoming national directory of cancer specialists, so I got the resumes of about 35 of the docs and wrote their bios and filled out their entry forms. I also put together an internal directory. It wasn't glamorous, but it added up. Karmanos decided they wanted to fill their writing needs internally and asked me if I would apply. I tried to convince them I could do it without being their employee, but apparently they wanted some line-of-sight supervision and I didn't apply for the job. (My guess is what they really wanted was to be able to stick their head in the writer's office at 11:45 and say, "Hey, Mark, Dr. Worthington's got a press conference at 12:00 and we need you to write up a statement for him." I would have been glad to do that for them as a freelancer, but they would have paid a premium for the privilege).

Direct Mail
I call it junk mail, but it's direct mail advertising and yes, somebody writes it, yes, somebody gets paid well for it. People like Robert Bly and Peter Bowerman have made excellent money writing this stuff. Not my cup of tea or my type of writing, but don't close your mind to it. It can pay for a lot of lattes.

Business reports
I've been doing this sort of work increasingly. It's slowly turning me into a business analyst, which is surprising, to say the least. But the fact is, there are a ton of businesses and marketing people and researchers and government bureaucrats and investors who are looking for things like, which laboratory companies make the most money, how much they make, how much they spend, and what the trends are. And it's true for almost any business. This is turning into about 80% of my work.

Technical Writing
I do less of this now, but I used to do a lot of it, of a limited sort. In the computer industry, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industry, the money's laying around in great big freaking piles waiting for writers to come along. If you've got an MS or PhD in science or MD and want to make a lot of money, working on documentation for grants and drug applications for pharmaceutical companies is a big field where $100 an hour is pretty much a starting point. Frankly, despite my technical background, this stuff is beyond me and I've steered clear, even when tempted by the siren song of high pay. I am, however, still the editor of a technical journal.

I think that's enough for today. There's even more out there. Tomorrow I'll give a list of freelance writing resources and recommended books.

Mark Terry


Blogger Mark Terry said...

Note to Mark from Mark: Mention "Custom Publishing" somewhere along the way.

7:06 AM  
Blogger spyscribbler said...

Oh, you know, I visited your last post with my palm, and didn't notice the framed covers on your wall. How cool is that?

I'm looking forward to this series. Thanks for sharing it!

(Custom publishing???)

8:40 AM  
OpenID eric-mayer said...

Very interesting. My first paying work was writing a column for the local weekly newspaper when I was in college. I got paid by the column inch, generally $2 to $4 a column. Of course I would've done it for the by-line. Then in the mid-eighties I made my first magazine sales - $50 for an essay for Baby Talk, one of those magazines they give away free in stores.For a couple years I dabbled, writing stuff for small nationally distributed magazines, like Running Times, but could never sell to a "big" magazine so generally the pay was somewhere in the low hundreds. Well, I sold one 400 word piece to Omni which never ran for whcih I was paid $1,000. I also regularly wrote consumer articles for the Rochester newspaper, but then my editor was moved out of his post and the supplements were mostly eliminated and replaced by pure advertising. So, I found it impossible to make meaningful money. Mind you, this was while I was employed full-time so it didn't matter.

Since 1994, when I started freelancing, I've mostly written legal encyclopedia articles or done other kinds of editorial work on specialized legal publications, basically what I did on my job but now on a freelance basis and for more than one company. It isn't something anyone could get into without having worked in the industry or at least having a law degree, but, then again, other writers may be working in some different industry or have appropriate educational credentials to take advantage of other freelance opportunities.

9:16 AM  
Blogger PJ Parrish said...

Mark doesn't really say it here cuz maybe he's too self-effacing, but if you're going to do free lance, you have to be incredibly disciplined and dogged. I tried this route after I left my newspaper gig and I just couldn't get it off the ground. Mainly because I couldn't organize my life enough well enough to accommodate it as a real business. Like real estate, this is not a business for the frivilous!

9:16 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Okay. Here's a long addendum.

I know we talked a bit about this. I do treat it like a business and I'm reasonably well organized, and it works for me. I know some freelancers who are much more casual about it, but the only way I figure they make a living is they've got a handful of very good-paying clients.

Now, after I wrote this I thought of a bunch more categories. So, briefly:

Custom Publishing
These are publishers who provide magazines for companies. Let's say you're, oh, General Motors, and you want some magazines that get sent around to whomever, and you don't EXACTLY want it to be a big advertisement for GM, but, you kinda, like do. So you pay a custom publisher to put together a nice glossy magazine about, say, CHEVY LIFE, or something equally odd, and it's all about lifestyle, because you're trying to brand Chevrolet, so you have articles about car trips, and travel and auto shows, and... and they usually work with freelancers and they pay great.

I used to write for Imagination Publishing out of Chicago, for Lowe's for Pros, which was a web-based publication sponsored by the Lowe's stores. I wrote mostly about plumbing and electrician stuff, because those are the primary readers (contractors). For most of a year I wrote 2 700-word articles a month for $1 a word. Then the editor got promoted and the new editor didn't want to work with me or he brought in his own contacts or whatever the hell happened (too bad, too, but that's the business as well). These are great gigs if you can get them because they pay is fantastic.

Don't know much about it, but is sort of a classic example. My friend Tobias Buckell makes a lot of his nonfiction writing off blocking about high tech stuff.

Grant writing
I did a little bit of this, quite unsuccessfully. The writing itself isn't that hard and the pay can be substantial, but it's a business with its own set of rules and vocabulary. Clients are non-profits, schools, hospitals, government agencies. People who are very good at this tend to understand the vocabulary of the particular field they write grants in (ie., education) and very often have contacts among the money-givers so when a grant comes up they can call the people and say, "Hey, we're interested in that money. What are you REALLY looking for when you give it out."

Not my gig at all, but there's a lot of advertising work out there for freelancers.

My writer friend Jeff Cohen apparently has written 6 or 7 books for someone over the years and it seems to pay pretty well. I'm not entirely sure how to break into this--there are companies that act as agents for this, one is in Traverse City, MI--but I'm sure it can be lucrative.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Oh, and Eric, Wednesday's post, if all goes as sorta planned, will be about "leveraging your background." Pretty much exactly what you're talking about.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Erica Orloff said...

Hey Mark:
I ghostwrite--the money is really, really good, and it's often fun. The downside is you have to deal with the person you are ghosting for . . . for a long time. If they are nice . . . well, then you grab a beer with them and go over the book. If they are "difficult" it can be sheer hell. One reason they often hire a ghost is they don't for sure know what they want to say. Which makes the process painful at times. There are also ego issues. Big ones, often. Still, the money makes it too good to pass up.

But by far . . . the BIG corporate gigs pay the best. I am on retainer at one place. I like it . . . it covers my mortgage and I've yet to set foot in the place. When I was 28, the most money I ever made to that point of my life was working for a Big Eight accounting firm. Here they were, all about money . . . and they practically burned it, throwing it at freelancers because their accountants couldn't write worth a damn.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Interesting. A couple years ago I was trying to work out a writing collaboration with two practice management consultants I routinely interviewed for articles on the subject--I've written dozens. I was optimistic, but one thing I've understood about people, even these people who wrote many articles themselves, was that they don't always understand what they're getting into when they talk about writing a book.

So I spent a fair amount of time getting a decent collaboration agreement together and wrote a proposal indicating 2 or 3 ways we could approach the project, then we talked on the phone and discussed it and and how we might pay for this and what exactly it was they wanted to do.

Then I did something that I still think was very smart. I told them, "Okay, here's what we need to do to get started. I need you two to get together and write a table of contents of what you think should be in this book. E-mail it to me by such-and-such a date, we'll discuss the book and breakdown how we'll approach it, and we'll get the contracts all taken care of."

Yup. You guessed it. They didn't do it. Which was what I really wanted to know. If they had wanted me to write the book (ghost) it for them, which they said they didn't, I would have. But they wanted to collaborate, but I had a good idea they weren't going to get started on it and I was right.

As for corporate clients, I agree with you on the money thing. One of my problems with working for corporations is philosophical. Corporations, even when it comes to freelancers, have a tendency to think that not only do they own the work, they own the writer. And I went into freelancing to get away from that.

But yes, the money is great.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Christa M. Miller said...

Mark, are you going to do a post about how you got all your writing gigs? I'm guessing networking - that's how I get all my jobs - but after 7 years freelancing for trade magazines and copyediting, I'm trying to figure out how best to maximize all the contacts I've made.

Do you believe in cold calls to get work? If so, what's the best way to do them? If not, what are some good alternatives?

12:52 PM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Yes, I think I'll cover all that.

As for cold calls, I did a lot of them and they never got me a job. Peter Bowerman swears by them for corporate and copyrighting gigs.

Mine tended to build on each other. My first published piece was an essay for TRAVERSE Magazine called "Blue Heaven" that I knocked off in about an hour about how the reason Traverse City was so cool was because there was so much "blue."

But what got me jobs eventually was leveraging my experience--clinical genetics and laboratory medicine. I started pretty much by writing a piece for ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals about what a cytogenetics laboratory was. I'd been doing book reviews for free and a few articles for The Armchair Detective.

I'll write on pitching/querying and cold calls and story ideas, but there are different approaches for different types of writing.

E-mail me with individual questions and I'll answer them.

breaking in can be tough. What I've found is your work builds on itself. Once you get a portfolio, it's easier to sell yourself. And a portfolio needs to be something like 3 published clips.

Getting them is the tough part, but I'll get to that.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Aimless Writer said...

Thank you, Thank you!
Where do you get your facts for business reports and that stuff?
Thank you, Thank you!
You may just be saving me from a 9 to 5 future.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Company reports, government websites, company press releases; often part of these are based on surveys the publisher conduct

5:32 AM  
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